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Rapport is a process of connecting with people and building a sustaining relationship of mutual trust, harmony and understanding. It is the ability to join people where they are in order to build a climate of trust and respect.

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Benefits of Rapport Building

Rapport is a key to connecting with people, harmonious relationships, building trust, influencing and persuading people, effective collaboration, and relationship marketing.





Rapport is essentially meeting individuals in their model of the world. This happens through empathizing, matching the accessing cues from words, eye movements and body language.

Having rapport does not mean that you have to agree, but that you understand where the other person or people are coming from.    

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Creating Rapport

To create rapport, it is important to empathize with, listen to emotions of, understand perceptions of, adapt to, mirror, match, and pace the person or persons with whom you are communicating or collaborating. In order to do so, it is important for you to open your sensory channels and engage all your senses.



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To build wonderful relationships,
be a shawl of empathy, a shower of joy,
and a well of inspiration.

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You can train yourself to build and refine this operational skill. 

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"Opening your sensory channels provides you with the ability to see, hear, and sense external changes (minimal cues, both verbal and nonverbal) presented by individuals with whom you are communicating. This is the first step to eliminating an internal response and mind reading."

~ Kevin Hogan and William Horton, the authors of Selling Yourself to Others





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Community-wide Rapport

Community-wide rapport is friendship and mutual sympathy effective and operative throughout the whole community. Its pleasures structure spiritual, moral and collaborative interactions between individuals in such a way that all parties enjoy it and benefit from it. Example





Keep growing!




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Keep learning forward because
if you strop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

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