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  Your People Skills Create Greater Value for People Around You Ten3 Business e-Coach: global success Vadim Kotelnikov Vadim Kotelnikov Dildora Akbarova Svetlana Vasyanina Communication Influencing People Leader 360 Building Relationships Listening How To Speak Effectively Asking Questions Connecting with People Building Trust Rapport Coaching Persuading People Inspiring People Energizing People Empowering People Empathy Success 360 PEOPLE SKILLS 360: Creating Value for People Around You, Communicating, Building Relationships, Influencing People, Leading




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Be a HOSTer ‒ Help Others Succeed and Thrive.

How to understand people empathy quotes Vadim Kotelnikov

Fools talk mouth-to-mouth. Intelligent people talk mouth-to-ear. Wise people and lovers talk soul-to-soul.







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Teach PEOPLE SKILLS in a smart & fast way




People Skills 360

100+ PowerPoint slides with Executive Summaries





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Vadim Kotelnikov quotes Teachers teach, great teachers inspire

Teachers teach,

Innovative teachers are gold. Innovative teachers who help others become more innovative are diamonds.


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Those who stop learning,
stop creating history and become history.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Teach PEOPLE SKILLS in a smart & fast way




100+ PowerPoint slides with Executive Summaries





US$ 49

Buy now!


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