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Core competencies helped the Founder to launch a civilizational breakthrough and to build Innompic Games as  a relentless trend setter and the World's #1 in target areas.








Innompic Games and Fun4Biz

While other social networks like Facebook and Google+ focus on helping people socialize, Innompic Games and Fun4Biz have different mission and core competencies. They help people ‒ both active participants and spectators ‒ grow their capabilities for inventiveness, entrepreneurial creativity Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book >>>


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  How To Create Greater Value Online


Case Studies Tesco

Tesco was very successful in capturing Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book leadership of the market for online grocery shopping due to the following core competencies that mean customer value the experience so highly:

  • Designing and implementing supply systems that effectively link existing shops with the web site

  • Ability to design and deliver a "customer interface" that personalizes online shopping and makes it more efficient

  • Reliable and efficient delivery infrastructure (product picking, distribution, customer satisfaction handling)

Case Studies Black and Decker

Black and Decker's core technological competency is in 200 to 600 W electric motors. All of their products are modifications of this basic technology (with the exception of their work benches, flash lights, battery charging systems, toaster ovens, and coffee percolators).

They produce products for three markets:

  1. the home workshop market in the home workshop market, small electric motors are used to produce drills, circular saws, sanders, routers, rotary tools, polishers, and drivers.

  2. the home cleaning and maintenance market in the home cleaning and maintenance market, small electric motors are used to produce dust busters, etc.

  3. kitchen appliance market in the kitchen appliance market, small electric motors are used to produce can openers, food processors, blenders, bread makers, and fans.

Case Studies Saga

Saga managed to establish strong leadership in supplying financial services (e.g. insurance) and holidays to the older generation. The following core competencies enabled Saga to enter apparently different markets:

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