Great Slogan: WOW Principle and 7 Features Case Studies



In 1963, Avis Rent A Car System, Inc. debuted a new advertising campaign that featured a brand-new tagline – "We Try Harder." The now-famous slogan has become one the world's most recognized company taglines. For Avis, the tagline is more than a slogan – it has become part of the fabric of the company that both reflects and influences corporate values and business decisions.

In 2003, in honor of 40 years of "trying harder," Avis created the "Who Tries Harder?" contest. Avis customers who shared a brief story about an Avis employee who has "tried harder" had the chance to win a Chevy Trailblazer for one year or one of 40 free weeklong car rentals. At the same time, employees who were cited for great service through the contest had also a chance to win prizes.  Winners will be chosen based on how the actions described in their entries reflected key customer loyalty drivers and Avis values.

"Without our employees' strong commitment to consistently exceeding customer service standards, 'We Try Harder' would just be an empty slogan," said Robert Salerno, President and CEO of Cendant Car Rental Group, the parent company of Avis. "'Who Tries Harder?' is a way for our customers to honor the great customer service they have received at Avis – and our way to honor our loyal employees who stand out. Being able to reward both customers and employees who share an appreciation for a job well done defines the true spirit of Avis."



In 2013, when "We Try Harder: turned 50, AVIS officially replaced it with its new positioning tagline, “It’s your space.”