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Love breeds Love. Love your customers and they will love you back.


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  Customer Care



Main Benefits of Customer Satisfaction

  • Customers stay with your company longer and deepen their relationship with you... More

  • Customers demonstrate less price sensitivity

  • Customers recommend your company's products or services to others

How To Make Customer Service an Essential Part of Your Corporate Culture

  • Demonstrate continuously to your employees that in your company's order of priorities, customer service comes before all else... More


Create Customer Value: 10 Lessons from Konosuke Matsushita


Customer Loyalty

Delighted and loyal customers will return for follow-on business without considering alternatives of comparing the competition. Though, there is a number of factors that influence customers' decisions to remain loyal, true loyalty is based on your company's continuous delivery of superior value. Customer loyalty is a major contributor to sustainable profit growth.

7 Routes to High Profits

To win customer loyalty, you must first satisfy your customer repeatedly. According to 80/20 Principle, loyal customers the top 20% of total customers usually account for more than 80% of your sales and profit growth.

In highly competitive markets, there is a big difference between satisfied customers and completely satisfied or loyal customers. The former, if they have a choice, can easily switch to another supplier, while loyal customer would stay longer with your company and recommend its services to others. Thus you should rather be concerned than pleased if, according to your surveys, majority of your customers fall into the satisfied category. Turning them into loyal customers through building customer relationship and delivering superior value should be your prime task.  >>   Example

Satisfy Your Customers

Customer satisfaction is a critical component of your sustainable profitability and growth. To make make customer service an essential part of your corporate culture and produce empowered and motivated employees who are committed to ever higher standards of customer service and satisfaction you must demonstrate continuously that in your company's order of priorities, customer service comes before all else. You must develop a system for collecting customer satisfaction data and relaying this information to those responsible for value creation, and develop a system that rewards people for building and maintaining customer relationships... More

Loving Customer Relationships

Love your customers. If you ignore them, they will very quickly ignore you, and leave.

If you focus more attention towards post-acquisition customer engagement, you will enjoy cumulative benefits: the customer base, revenue and cash flow will keep increasing,  while the  pressure off acquisition as the sole driver of growth will be taken off... More





Edward Deming advice quotes

Profit comes from repeat customers that boast about your project or service and that bring friends with them.

Edward Deming