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Being just perfect is not enough you must also be remarkable and rememberable. You must position your brand and your product in the mind of your prospect.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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1. Value Mantra

Your   value mantra is a 3-5 word shorthand encapsulation of your customer-focused intent that includes one or two key points of difference in it.  Your value mantra must be a deeply resonant piece of your company's DNA and a core guiding principle for making strategic decisions and keeping your ship on course... More

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2. Perceptions

If you want your message to hit the target, make an adjustment to the wind.

Marketing is a battle of perceptions. Focus on the perceptions of your prospect, not the reality of your product.  >>>

3. Differentness

Be different. Don't copy others, be yourself, be unique and make the differentness of the value you create for your target audience clearly understood by them.

To illustrate, the slogan "We don't teach, we inspire" clearly differentiates Business e-Coach from traditional online educational resources. Your logo is also an extremely important part of your differentiation strategy.

4. Category

Create your own market niche and give it a name.  >>>

5. Leadership

Position yourself as the leader in your market niche.



6. Prominence

The marketplace rewards those who change things and create truly remarkable products. Being remarkable means being notable and useful.

7. Benefits

Describe differentiated customer benefits, not the product.

8. Emotion

Define what emotions your brand, logo and products should evoke consistently in your target audience and design your marketing slogans, commercials and other promotional materials using appropriate words, colors and images.  >>  Emfographics



9. Simplicity

Send simple messages to help customers make right choices faster.

10. Partnership

Position yourself as a helper and a business partner, not a seller >>>




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