Socratic Method

To solve a problem, brake it down into a series of questions, the answers to which gradually distill the answer you seek... More


Socratic Questions

Socrates Quotes

Critical Thinking






4 WHYs of True Success

Not knowing how to achieve success is a big problem for many people. To solve this problem, James Allen advises to ask yourself, "Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now?"



Coaching Questions

Why? What If? Questions




GE Work-Out

Work-Out is GEs highly successful technique for solving organizational problems very quickly.

In three-day sessions, participants break problems into two categories: rattlers and pythons.

7 Steps of GE Work-Out

Lateral Thinking




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Five-Why Process

In most situation, real problems and root causes are obscured by apparent problems. The intent of the "Five-Why" procedure is to assure that the route causes and not merely superficial symptoms are corrected... More


Root Causes of World War III

Working Backward to Solve a Problem




Solving Customer Problems

Don't look at customer problems as a necessary burden of business. See customer problems as a great opportunity instead. If you can resolve the problem quickly to the customer's satisfaction, you will strengthen the bond of trust with that customer, who will spread the good word to others... More




Build a Prototype

Prototyping can help you tackle problems when you don't have the answers. "When the project is especially complex, prototyping is a way of making progress when the challenges seem insurmountable. Focused prototyping helps resolve little critical problems one by one. Once you get in gear, you'll be surprised at how easily some of the solutions appear," advises Tom Kelly from IDEO.


New Product Development (NPD)

Simulation Game


Alpha / Beta Testing

Why New Products Fail




Strategic Problem Solving

McKinsey uses the following process.

Make a Chart Every Day

During the problem-solving process, you learn something new every day.

Put it down on paper. It will help you push your thinking. You may use it, or you may not, but once you have crystallized it on the page, you wont forget it... More