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Advanced suggestion system Fun4Biz social netowrk

Main Focus of Different Suggestion Systems

American suggestion system focuses on improving results

Results-based Leadership

Japanese suggestion system focuses on improving processes

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Fun4Biz suggestion system focuses on improving people

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Corporate Version of Fun4Biz

The “Suggest an Improvement” contest at proved to be a very effective tool. It can help any knowledge enterprise implement its continuous improvement strategy. The corporate version of the Fun4Biz “Suggest an Improvement” system has been beta-tested and installed in our business incubators “Innovatel” and eMuromets. 



Fun4Biz Suggestion System

Fun4Biz is a new-generation value-added social network, a paradise for creative achievers.

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Innovative IT-powered Fun4Biz suggestion system focuses on improving people. It’s all about attitude motivation, achievement, continuous growth, transparency, recognition and involvement. It is more than just a suggestion system, it is also a great talent management, communication and fun system.

Yes, the results and the process are important. The system is absolutely transparent. Everybody can see the rating of every suggestion, its implementation status and the name of the person responsible for its implementation. The database of suggestions is searchable, so that anyone in the company can learn whether someone had already found a solution to a similar problem.

Yet, the primary goal of the Fun4Biz suggestion system is to improve people, to unlock their creative power and make continuous improvement an enjoyable habit. Fun4Biz makes the best people heroes. Their achievements are visible and recognized. It shows what every person is best at, helps to use the talents of every employee to full extent, and thus help both the employee and the company to achieve much more.

Suggestion System at

Fun4Biz is a global Internet community of creative achievers. It helps its member develop and promote globally their entrepreneurial creativity skills. There are 9 entrepreneurial creativity contests to participate in. The system automatically creates lists of laureates and sortable databases of ideas and calculates personal ratings and ranks of participants on a monthly basis.

The contest “Suggest an Improvement” was created initially to involve every member of Fun4Biz in the process of continuous improvement of this unique system. The “Suggest an Improvement” record has several classification fields:

  • Nature of Improvement (Error correction; Making it nicer; Strategic improvement)

  • Area of Improvement (Interface; Design; Communication; Contests; etc.)

  • Implementability (Easy; Quite a Challenge; Just a dream)

These classification fields are used for automatic preparation of the statistical analysis of the performance of the suggestion system. A team of experts evaluates every suggestion. These evaluation marks are used for automatic calculation of personal ratings and ranks of the participants.

Everybody can monitor the progress made in the implementation of every suggestion. There is a special column “Status” that shows the current status of each and every suggestion for improvement: Under consideration; Implemented; Implemented with modifications; Filed for future use; Cannot be implemented.

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