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25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Put Values First

Play up the "soft stuff" the company's values and culture.


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Don't focus too much on the numbers. "Numbers aren't the vision; numbers are the products." Focus more on the softer values of building a team, sharing ideas, exciting others.




Don't focus too much on numbers

Management is about people, not numbers. Numbers aren't the vision. In the GE's values guide there is no direct reference to the numbers part of the business. Talk numbers less. Focus more on the key behaviors and actions that will help company grow, delight customers and win new business.


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Live values

"Walk the talk." Live up to the company values and let others around you know what's most important. It is absolutely essential for a leader to buy into the company's 'soft stuff' value scheme and corporate culture and be able to sell those values to everyone else.


Values-based Leadership

Lead More, Manage Less

Lead by Example

Successful Practices




Emphasize your company's values and culture

Urge employees to face reality; to lead, not manage; to change before it's necessary; to be boundaryless; to pursue simplicity; to be self-confident.


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Part your company with those who don't live the values of your company

For a business leader, getting numbers up or coming up with a strong, market leading product is crucial. So is knowing how to market than product. But it is absolutely essential for a leader to buy into the company's value scheme and its corporate culture, and to be able to sell those values to everyone else. Delivering the numbers is simply not enough. Business leaders who bring home the numbers but fall short in living up to the company's values and walking their talk should be removed to support your corporate values.


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