Corporate Leader

Measuring Performance

The GE Leadership Effectiveness Survey (LES)

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Performance Criteria

Ranking Scale: Significant Development Needed  1  2  3  4  5  Outstanding Strength


  • Has developed and communicated a clear, simple, customer-focused vision / direction for the organization.

  • Forward-thinking, stretches horizons, challenges imaginations.

  • Inspires and energizes others to commit to Vision. Captures minds. Leads by example.

  • As appropriate, updates Vision to reflect constant and accelerating change impacting the business.

Customer / Quality Focus


  • Maintains unequivocal commitment to honesty / truth in every facet of behavior.

  • Follows through on commitments; assumes responsibility for own mistakes.

  • Practices absolute conformance with company policies embodying GEI&PS commitment to ethical conduct.

  • Actions and behaviors are consistent with words. Absolutely trusted by others.


Accountability / Commitment

Communication / Influence

Shared Ownership / Boundaryless

  • Self-confidence to share information across traditional boundaries and be open to new ideas.

  • Encourages / promotes shared ownership for team vision and goals.

  • Trusts others; encourages risk taking and boundaryless behavior.

  • Champions Work-Out as a vehicle for everyone to be heard. Open to ideas from anywhere.

Team Builder / Empowerment


Knowledge / Expertise / Intellect

  • Possesses and readily shares functional / technical knowledge and expertise. Constant interest in learning.

  • Demonstrates broad business knowledge / perspective with cross-functional / multicultural awareness.

  • Makes good decisions with limited data. Applies intellect to the fullest.

  • Quickly sorts relevant from irrelevant information, grasp essentials of complex issues and initiates action.

Initiative / Speed

Global Mind-set

  • Demonstrates global awareness / sensitivity and is comfortable building diverse / global teams.

  • Values and promotes full utilization of global and work force diversity.

  • Considers the global consequences of every decision. Proactively seeks global knowledge.

  • Treats everyone with dignity, trust, and respect.