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Don't make business harder than it is

Business Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book is simple. No matter how different your businesses seem one from another, urge everyone in the company to think  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book simply, to see themselves as performing essentially the same two processes inputs and outputs and not to make anything more complicated out of business than that. The inputs are the same. They are people, energy, and physical space. 

Think simply to create a clear vision

Simplicity is indispensable to a business leader's most important function: creating and projecting a clear vision. "The leader's unending responsibility must be to remove every detour, every barrier, to ensure that the vision is first clear, and than real. The leader must create an atmosphere in the organization where people feel not only free to, but obliged to demand clarity and purpose from their leaders."

Make your messages simple

"Every idea you present must be something you could get across easily at a cocktail party with strangers. If only aficionados of your industry can understand what you are saying, you've blown it."

Build self-confidence

Simplicity requires enormous self-confidence. Self-confidence is the antidote to insecurity. "One of the most difficult things for a manager to do is to reach that all-important threshold of self-confidence in which being simple is comfortable... You can't believe how hard it is for people to be simple... Clear tough-minded people are most simple."

Simplify your workplace and communications

9 Signs of a Losing Organization

De-complicate everything. Identify those complicated forms, processes and ways of doing things that waste the most amount of time, and work with colleagues to eliminate or streamline them. Eliminate complicated memos and letters communication should be filled with ideas and simplicity, not complexity and jargon.  >>>

Make meeting simpler

Make sure to have no complicated and boring minute-by-minute agenda. Instead, encourage your managers to simply tell about the best idea they have come up with since the last meeting.