Much More than a Software Package

CRM implementation is not just a software package installation. Building better and deeper customer relationships requires love for customers, new enterprise-wide business process management approaches, new analytics, and new integration of systems (as well as new strategies and tactics) to enable employees to work smarter and harder to capture customer information and gain customer insight.



Need for Executive Sponsorship

CRM rollouts are bound to fail if they don't have executive sponsorship. Without a business strategy for CRM, companies can rarely gain any return on a CRM investment.




Integration, Process Key to CRM

A strong business process, robust application integration capabilities and solid management buy-in are key factors in any successful CRM installation. In a small- or medium-sized business, one of the keys to succeeding with CRM is nailing down the process and ensuring process compliance.


Case Studies Sealing Devices Inc.

Sealing Devices Inc., a Lancaster, N.Y.-based manufacturer, failed in two efforts to implement CRM systems before succeeding on its third try, said CIO Patrick Harris. The two failures were primarily the result of a lack of integration with other applications. The failed CRM systems required much redundant input of data, which led to mistakes.

The third CRM system allowed users to enter data once for all systems and delivered a remarkable ROI.



Three CRM Disciplines

Brand Management   ② Customer Loyalty Analysis   ③ Customer Value Analysis