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Making Big Changes

10 Questions To Answer

By Australian Business Limited and Australian Commonwealth ITR Department. Adapted by Dean Prebble and Prof. Howard Frederick, Ten3 NZ Ltd.





"If you want to make enemies, try to change something." ~ Woodrow Wilson

Making Big Changes is something we all have to do sometimes.  

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For personal or professional reasons, we are called to do something radical in our lives.  We hear the "call" and we know our lives can never be the same again.  Such times are often challenging as we weigh up what to do, whether to launch our new business idea or not. 

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Change is like a mythological journey, where we hear the call, and then descend into "the belly of the whale," the place of uncertainty, unknown dangers, etc., and finally make our home-coming. 

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  Launching a radical innovation / change project
without playing Innoball
is like starting a football game
naively believing that the opposing team does not exist.


INNOBALL - innovation foodball, brainball - how to create change successfully

The following points are things to consider to help make the decision to "leap" or not, and to support you once you have decided to " leap."

  1. What is the worst that could happen?  Be realistic, and as specific as you can, about what you might lose if it all goes pear-shaped. Are you prepared to risk this?

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  1. On whom will my making this change impact?  Work colleagues, family or children, employees, others?

  2. What do I need to have in place to feel OK about this change?  Reserves, safety nets, support systems, etc.

  3. What do I need to do before making the change?  Loose ends to tie up, things to have ready, people to speak to to inform, or consult.

  4. Who can help me, and how?   Professional support this is obviously a good time, but also look for support from your life's  partners, family, friends, business colleagues, etc.

  5. What will it cost me not to do it?  Most people will think about the costs and risks of making a change.  It is important to also consider what the costs of not doing something might be.  If you don't make the change, will you be able to let it go easily, and get on with your life, or will you keep looking back, saying if only!

  6. How will I make this work?  Look at the situation from the place of having decided to do it if you are going to do it, how will you make this work for you?  This is a totally different conversation from asking yourself if you can do it, which can lead to lots of negative responses and a "no."  Asking yourself how you can do it will create an opening for expanded thinking.

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  1. How long will the journey take?   What are the various stages of the journey, and how long will you allow for each stage obviously you will need to be flexible about this, but some outline will be helpful. In your mind, walk yourself through the decision and how it will unfold.

  2. What will I do when I feel scared?   Most change involves a fear of losing something, even good changes, so be prepared for feeling afraid during the course of your journey. Who can support you in staying on track, and provide motivation and encouragement when you feel like giving up?

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  1. How can I celebrate my successes?   Find ways, on your journey, to celebrate the achievements you have made. This is fuel for your success.