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Competitive War Games

An Effective Component of Your Strategic Planning Process


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"Spectacular achievements come from unspectacular preparation."   Roger Staubach



Major Benefits of Competitive War Games

  • Stronger innovation team

  • Forecasting of future industry-wide scenarios

  • Better proactive strategy

  • Faster reactive strategy

Major Applications of Competitive War Games2

  • Strategic Planning: at the corporate, business unit's, or functional level

  • Testing Strategic Initiatives: introduction of new technology/product/service; geographical expansion; mergers/acquisitions

  • Testing Tactical Initiatives: marketing/promotional campaigns ("competitor response modeling")

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Why War Games?

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The immediate goal of a competitive war game is to gain a better understanding of the total competitive arena, and anticipate competitive developments and moves in your industry. The war game is an effective tool for uncovering hidden weaknesses your own and those of your competitors. This understanding will help you formulate best-course action options. Competitive war games will also help you shift managerial focus from internal to external, and lay a foundation of an early warning process.

War Games & Corporate Strategy Development

Competitive war games can help you simulate the competitive environment, uncover hidden vulnerabilities, and make critical changes that produce a more complete and effective corporate Competitive Strategy. While preparing your strategic plan, your need to consider competitors' moves as well as competitors' reactions to your own moves before committing to a specific strategy.

Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy

Apply collective intelligence to identify weaknesses with the goal of taking corrective action that will fortify your competitive position.

Benefit from Your Competitors

Who Should Participate in a Competitive War Game?

For a competitive war game to be effective, the composition of the teams should be carefully selected. Each team should be headed by a senior executive and include middle and junior managers as well as front-line staff. Team should be cross-functional unless the war game is done with one functional area such as marketing or R&D. The senior executive leadership of the teams is critical as it will ensure success of the war game beyond the "event". Ideally, the CEO or an external advisor should serve as the ultimate "referee".



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