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Shared values, heritage and experiences that shape perceptions and behaviors

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Culture, what is culture  

Culture is the "lens" through which people view the world. It is central to what they see, how they make sense of what they see, and how they express themselves.

Culture in general is concerned with beliefs and values on the basis of which people interpret experiences and behave, individually and in groups.




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Cultural Intelligence







Culture is pervasive. Everyone, every organization, every region, and every country has a culture.


Understanding cultural beliefs, values and perceptions of others is a key to success. And vice versa.


Learning diverse cultural heritage is eye-opening, rewarding, inspiring and empowering.


Teamwork in the increasingly global and diverse workplace is impossible without cultural intelligence.


'Us' and 'Them' cultural programming and divide can be eased through empathizing and better understanding of their perceptions >>>


Rapport starts with understanding of where the other people are coming from and acceptance of their point of view and style.


Exploring and synergizing cultural diversity is a way to unlimited creativity, innovation and growth



Cultural Intelligence  

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is your capability to grow personally through continuous learning and good understanding of diverse cultural heritage, wisdom and values, and to deal effectively with people from different cultural background and understanding. 

Eastern vs. Western Culture

Wheel of Life




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Cultural Intelligence






Sadhguru inspirational quotes

Tradition is not about imitating previous generations. It is about learning from their experience.




"Culture" refers to a community or a group of people which share common values, heritage and experiences that shape the way they understand the world.  >>>

High-Performing CULTURE

World Cultures

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Differences









Jack Welch advice business quotes

Culture drives great results.

Jack Welch


Mahatma Gandhi advice quotes

A nation's culture resides in

the hearts and in the soul of its people.

Mahatma Gandhi

Steve Jobs advice quotes

Building a very strong company and a very strong foundation of talent and culture in a company is essential to making great products.

Steve Jobs


Richard Branson business advice quotes

There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.

Richard Branson

Virgin Group


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