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If you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

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We give you much more than just knowledge, technology of achievement, and inspiration.

We give you the possibility of a whole new life.

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Revolutionary Development Approach

Classic Approach to Development of Textbooks

  • Develop one thing at a time and compile: 1+1=2

Ten3 Business e-Coach: Revolutionary Development Approach

  • Develop many things at a time and synergize continuously: 11→11

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Ten3 Business e-Coach vs. Traditional Business Education

Filling the Rapidly Growing Need

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e-Coaching versus e-Learning

Differences & Complementarities




Facilitating learning

Helps you learn a specific subject

Inspires you, helps you identify and define your specific goals, and  organize yourself to attain them

Subject-oriented mentoring approach: focuses on the subject matter

Person-oriented  coaching approach: focuses on building your personal capabilities and skills

Helps you learn functions you've never done before

Helps you apply yourself personally in new ways

Passes knowledge to you

Helps you unlock your true potential and generate innovative ideas

Gives effective answers

Asks effective questions

Concentrates on the depth of knowledge; develops your functional excellence

Concentrates on the width of knowledge; develops your cross-functional excellence

Facilitates vertical in-depth thinking

Facilitates lateral creative thinking, develops capabilities for building new connections and looking for wider solutions

Curriculum-based; a journey with a fixed destination

A continuous journey; never-ending improvement process

Learning for the future; helps to develop knowledge reserves

Provides just-in-time (JIT) knowledge that can be applied immediately

Why e-Coaching?

Today, companies require coaching and learning support to be provided to all their key employees in a continuous and timely way in order to build sustainable competitive advantage for the new knowledge-driven economy and compete successfully in the rapidly changing marketplace. Today's companies need business architects who can take a systems view of a business and build synergies. Responding to these needs, we launched the first-ever Business e-Coach in 2001. We update it every day and release a new version every six months.

Your Unique Synergistic Benefits

To innovate, you had to search educational sites for knowledge, creative sites for inspiration, and coaching sites for a technology of achievement.

Here, you'll find all these benefits and discover the power of their synergy!

► Boost your entrepreneurial creativity & systems thinking!

► Discover winning synergies & balances!

Innovation better, continuously, & faster!

Business e-Coach Your Achievement Catalyst

Don't Take It Too Seriously

Don't take the Business e-Coach too seriously. First and foremost, it's about inspiration, creativity, eye-opening, and systems thinking. The Business e-Coach does contain some detailed step-by-step "how-to" guides wherever required (see an example), but it's main task is to help you look not deeper, but wider, get a bigger picture, and discover winning synergies.

If you wish to get most of Ten3 Business e-Coach, relax and open your mind. Don't spent more than one hour on each exploration tour. It's better divide your learning process into many shorter sessions than into few longer ones. Your brain can accept or generate innovative ideas for a limited period of time only. It needs some rest afterwards.

Uncovering the Iceberg of Opportunities

The Mission of Ten3 Business e-Coach is to help you find innovative solutions to "The Iceberg Problem": how to discover and exploit what is hidden below the surface? Your own and your organization's results can be multiplied. Your leadership, marketing, and competing arts and skills can be improved dramatically. Your innovation resources and capabilities can be integrated and synergized much better. Ten3 Business e-Coach is at 24/7 service to help you identify and exploit hidden resources and opportunities, set the right goals and achieve them... More

Unlocking Your True Potential

As opposite to e-learning and e-mentoring courses that are built around a specific subject, e-coach focuses at your personality and starts with unlocking your true potential. Based on the neuro linguistic programming (NLP) technology of achievement, it helps you identify and define your specific goals, and then organize yourself to attain these goals. This innovative service was designed to meet the challenges of the new economy driven by entrepreneurship and knowledge-based enterprises characterized by flat hierarchical structures and employee empowerment In these new enterprises, top managers delegate more power to employees and assume more leadership tasks. They also lead employees to lead themselves. Employee self-leadership has become the key to success in the new economy. Ten3 Business e-Coach helps these new leaders and self-leaders grow though unlocking their true potential and releasing their inner power.

The Wheel of Personal Success

Life-Business Synergy

Leadership-Management Synergy

Building Your Competitive Advantage

Ten3 Business e-Coach provides you with the opportunity, and the insights, to see things in new ways. It will catapult you to a new level of cross-functional excellence and thus will help you create and master innovative business models. These fresh approaches can and will provide a great competitive advantage for your business unit and your personal carrier development.

Building Your Cross-Functional Excellence

In the new era of systemic innovation, it is more important for organizations and lead innovators to be cross-functionally excellent than functionally excellent. Forces operating outside your vertical industry position in one way or another have a major impact on your business. Despecialization, looking beyond the micro issues and achieving powerful synergies by integrating specialized skills and experiences will help you to lead a mission that encompasses a broad range of disciplines and functional capabilities.

Ten3 Business e-Coach helps you to acquire knowledge related to different areas related to your business, understand the nature of their relationships and master a balanced business systems strategy based on this understanding... More

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Creativity

While building your cross-functional excellence, business e-coach prompts you to build new connections, look for wider solutions and "think beyond the box". It inspires creative ideas and enhances your creative thinking capabilities. Ten3 Business e-Coach helps you break out of self-imposed limitations, abandon the step-by-step approach, think sideways and explore new directions. As opposite to vertical thinking, it facilitates lateral creative thinking which is very important in the new economy driven by change continuous, rapid and complex, that generates uncertainty and requires fast innovative solutions. It also inspires creative solutions for achieving business objectives through externalization in synergistic collaboration with the full range of external forces.

Built around the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technology of achievement, Ten3 Business e-Coach enhances your self-motivation through engaging your imagination power, developing your achievement management skills, and, ultimately, building-up the 'can-do' attitude.

Simulating a Creative-Chaos Environment

Ten3 Business e-Coach introduces new personal and business development ideas through an innovative system of hyperlinks. It prompts you to ask effective questions about yourself and your business and  conveniently places you just one click away from a choice of creative solutions. Ten3 Business e-Coach does not try to suggest best solutions, instead it builds your cross-functional excellence, widens your horizons and helps you build unique cross-functional combinations.

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Practice Tips

24/7 Just-in-Time (JIT) Coaching and Learning

The best kind of quality oriented learning is just-in-time-style learning, that is, learning that happens on the job and knowledge which is applied immediately as needed. The sooner you can apply the material you learned, the better you will understand it and the longer it will be retained. Instead of developing large information reserves, JIT-style business e-coach helps its clients to acquire new knowledge that they can apply immediately, without suffering information overload.

Revolutionary Approach to Development of the Ten3 Business e-Coach

The classic advise "do one thing at a time" works well in a linear innovation environment. The emerging era of systemic innovation requires new approaches however. Today, main benefits are found in building innovative and synergistic combinations among different functions rather than in developing a linear functional excellence. This new approach was applied to development of the Business e-Coach as well. It is developed not as a library of independent documents, instead hundreds of both functional and cross-functional coaching guides are developed simultaneously and cross-pollinated in a synergistic way. This a continuous never-ending process that reacts fast to continuous and rapid changes in the marketplace.


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