Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Build synergistic cross-functional combinations!

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MBA is for business as usual.

MBS is for champions!





Smarter approach to business innovation





MBS is not about mastering operations,
it is about cross-functional business innovation.






Synergy in business is the benefit derived from combining two or more elements (or businesses) so that the performance of the combination is higher than that of the sum of the individual elements (or businesses).







Being good in separated functions is not good enough anymore. If you want to be a market leader, you must be able to build innovative synergies!








MBS inspires creation of innovative
cross-functional combinations and helps you grow your business faster and smarter.






Examples of Business Synergies





Synergizing Diversities

MBS helps unleash the power of synergized diversities and achieve greater BUSINESS SUCCESS

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Sustainable Competitive Advantage

MBS helps discover new growth opportunities and build sustainable competitive advantage by synergizing corporate capabilities.

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Systemic Innovation

Innovation used to be linear, primarily technological. Today innovation is systemic − cross-functional and synergistic.

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Master of Business Synergies (MBS)  

MBS programs place you in a structured creative chaos environment that encourages synergistic approaches to your organization, business, innovation, and customer success strategies.




MBS builds your cross-functional expertise,  nurtures entrepreneurial creativity and turns you into an outstanding business architect.










Key Features of MBS







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