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There is no failure only feedback. Don't wait for others to change start change with yourself.


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There is No Failure Only Feedback

How do you react when, in your opinion, things go wrong? Do you:

  • persist in doing the same thing over and over until, if ever, you get it right? or

  • think it over and decide what you can do differently for a better result next time?

Don't wait for others to change start change with yourself. If what you're doing isn't working, do something different. Learning from feedback means that you are more likely to be flexible rather than rigid in your dealings with yourself and others.

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How You Can Make Good Use of Feedback

Ian McDermott and Wendy Jago, NLP experts and the authors of The NLP Coach, suggest the following approach.

  • Take notice of feedback in all its forms put all feedback in a curiosity frame: ask yourself how you can use it to avoid failures, or to repeat successes.

  • If what you are doing isn't working, be inventive do something different.

  • If what you are doing is working, find out the ingredients and sequences, then repeat them to get more of it.  >>  Work Smart and Hard

  • Pay attention to detail ask yourself how do you do that? what methods to do you apply unconsciously? The more exactly you find out how something it done, the more you have the ingredients and the processes you need to repeat the success and avoid failure.

  • Model yourself and others the more small steps you break the process down into, the more chance you have of building it when you want to do it.

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