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Strategic Goals

The major outcome of strategic road-mapping and strategic planning, after gathering all necessary information, is the setting of goals for the organization based on its vision and mission statement.

A goal is a long-range aim for a specific period. It must be specific and realistic. Long-range goals set through strategic planning are translated into activities that will ensure reaching the goal through operational planning.


Strategic Achievement

Business Goals

Strategic Intent

Setting Objectives

Cross-functional Management

2 Categories of Goals





Smart Goals must be

Stretching ② Inspiring ③ Energizing



Define What You Want

"You can have anything you really want but you cannot have everything you want." Defining what you want is the critical first step in almost any situation.


Set a narrow goal, and you'll reach the ceiling.

Set a stretch goal,
and you'll reach the stars.

Vadim Kotelnikov quote Dream big dream, commit to your true passion and you will learn to fly!





Your Strategic Intention


Your strategic intention is a synergistic combination of three elements: desire, belief, and acceptance. It determines your self-motivation and how successfully you attain your goal >>>




Stretch Goals

Stretch goal is an objective that cannot be achieved by incremental or small improvements but requires extending oneself to the limit to be actualized. It is a challenge that is significantly beyond the individual's or organization's current performance level.

Stretch goals help you achieve impossible. They energize and push you to work smarter and harder at meeting more difficult targets and to achieve more than if you had set an easier goal... More


Vadim Kotelnikov advice quotes

Stretch your goals, and your goals will stretch you

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Jack Welch advice business quotes

Stretch yourself. The higher you aim, the more you are likely to achieve.   >>>

Jack Welch




Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

Set a goal and back it with a burning desire.

Sam Walton




How To Achieve Your Goals

"The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another." ~ Alexander G. Bell

If you want to achieve success then define exactly what success means to you and focus on being successful and the ways you can achieve success and achieve your goals... More



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