6 Core Characteristics





By Colin Turner, the author of Lead to Succeed





Fulfill both an organization's potential and the individual's potential





Entrepreneurial Employees

  Make decisive personal choice

  Design, develop, drive and determine

  Willingly risk moderate failure

  Establish interdependence among members

  Define project expectations

  Recognize concept value



Entrepreneurial Attributes

Take Strategic Initiative

Stronger Business Case

Develop an Innovative Workforce

How To Develop Entrepreneurial Staff






  Have agreed support strategy

  Provide initiative sponsorship

  Establish trial and error metrics

  Encourage diversified teams

  Allocate venture resources

  Provide performance and risk rewards


Entrepreneurial Organization

People and Enablers

Eliminate Bureaucracy

Intrapreneurial Organization

Space for Intrapreneurship

Smartness/Attitude Matrix

GE Work-Out  >>  Goals



Space for Intrapreneurship Intrapreneurial Organization  

9 Maxims of Venturing





"Comfort, complacency, and confidence the "three Cs" spell disaster for an entrepreneurial company."

~ Miles Spencer and Cliff Ennico


8 Key Entrepreneurial Questions

 SWOT Questions