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Intrapreneurship: 6 Core Characteristics

essential to fulfill both an organization's potential and the individual's potential

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By Colin Turner, the author of "Lead to Succeed"




  1. Make decisive personal choice

  2. Design, develop, drive and determine

  3. Willingly risk moderate failure

  4. Establish interdependence among members  >>>

  5. Define project expectations

  6. Recognize concept value


  1. Have agreed support strategy

  2. Provide initiative sponsorship  >>>

  3. Establish trial and error metrics

  4. Encourage diversified teams

  5. Allocate venture resources  >>>

  6. Provide performance and risk rewards

Entrepreneurship involves seeking, discovering and pursuing opportunities and
capturing the value from the opportunities.

Entrepreneurial Creativity is about coming up with innovative ideas and
turning them into value-creating
profitable business activities.  >>>

Entrepreneurial leaders take initiative,
demonstrate entrepreneurial creativity, take risk and responsibility.




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