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A key competence of a corporate leader, chief innovation office and and radical project manager is knowing how to engage individual,  intrapreneurial creativity, initiative, and energy.



Growth 10+


Growth 10+ is People 10+





Everyone can be more creative and innovative if inspired, encouraged, and  trained.






Start with 'Why' ‒ articulate your noble daring vision or strategic intent to excite and inspire your talented employees.

Instill confidence, engage, energize and empower everyone.

Provide creative challenges and stretch goals. Establish a inspiring no-blame culture of questioning, creative dissatisfaction and relentless growth.

   SuperCreativity 360/24 rapid learning course by VadiK


Jack Welch advice business quotes

The idea flow from the human spirit is absolutely unlimited. All you have to do is tap into that well.

Jack Welch



SuperSmart Employee advanced soft skills  


Now, when people know 'Why' they should be innovative, help them with 'How' they could go about it. With good training, people can unlock their inborn SuperCreativity and develop skills in visioning, questioning, creative problem solving, inventing, evaluating, selecting and combining ideas, experimenting with new ideas, learning from feedback, and adapting.





Coaching by Example




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InnoBall (Innovation Brainball)

② Corporate Innompic Games

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InnoBall (innovation BrainBall) innopreneurial simulation game is an outstanding Blue-Ocean 3-in-1 tool.

InnoBall helps:

① Accelerate successful implementation of innovation projects;

② Grow innopreneurial smartness

③ Assess innopreneurial smartness




InnBall players grow their innopreneurial smartness rapidly during the simulation game.

In particular, InnoBall players build their strategizing, anticipation, creative problem solving, creative marketing and intellectual teamwork skills.

  InnoBall innovation simulation game smartness building training



At Innompic Games, our trademark challenge-based accelerated learning 20-60-20 reigns.

60% of learning occurs while players invent solutions to creative challenges. They also learn (20%) by watching presentations of solutions invented by other teams.

  Accelerated Learning 20-60-20 model Innompic Games VadiK inventor





Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC)

In Malaysia, ICC aims to encourage an innovative and creative culture and provide an opportunity for members of the Public Service to enhance their self-confidence, creativity, innovative thinking, creative problem solving skills, and intrapreneurial spirit... More

  Malaysia Innovators innovative workforce Innompic Games



Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

Share your profits with all your associates,
and treat them as partners.

Sam Walton



Gain Sharing

Gain sharing turns employees to intrapreneurs: evokes entrepreneurial spirit, energizes, inspires creativity, and pushes entrepreneurial action.


Benefits of Gain Sharing

Incentive Motivation




Innovation System

Organization and People

Innovation Management



Growth 10+ is People 10+










Innovation-friendly Organization

How To Create an Innovation-friendly Organization  >>  8 Steps

Top Management Team Leading Innovation    Entrepreneurial Staff

Policies and Infrastructure    Culture for Innovation

Innovation Structures    Enjoyable Work Environment

Cross-functional Innovation Teams  >>  Why    Empower


Creating Breakthroughs

If you want to create breakthroughs, stand out from the competition and become a market leader, help people develop strategic creativity skills, master advanced ideation techniques, and stimulate radical idea generation, and implement radical projects. 

Team Performance

If you want to enhance performance of an innovation team, help the team members to develop skills in intellectual teamwork, team creativity, brainstorming synergizing ideas, and playing simulation games.