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How To Stimulate Radical Idea Generation

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10 Recommendations for Stimulating Radical Idea Generation

  1. Establish the spirit of relentless growth and a culture of creative dissatisfaction in your organization. Create a questioning culture and encourage people to ask "Why?", "What If?" and searching questions continuously.


  1. Provide strategic direction. Create strategic intent, set stretch goals, emphasize a misfit between the current state and corporate aspirations, actively encourage the quest for new opportunities, and create and sustain strategic momentum for radical innovation.

  2. Instill confidence, turn people loose and encourage outside-the-box thinking. Involve everyone, show people that their ideas are valued, and make sure that it is the person with the best idea who wins.

  3. Create an atmosphere where people are confident that how far and fast they move is constrained only by the limits of their entrepreneurial creativity Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and drive and by their standards of personal excellence.

  4. Make business fun. As business today is about passion and winning and creating new things, fun must be a big element in the business strategy.

  5. Establish a creative chaos environment. Accidental discoveries are triggered by chaos and contradictions, rather than by order and logic.

  6. Reward authors of innovative ideas. Rewarding idea generation motivates people, makes them feel important, drives participation, creates loyalty, delivers quality, recognizes value, and demonstrates management commitment to innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.

  7. Establish guiding principles for quick evaluation of a proposed new course of action and develop a receiving capacity for innovation so that creative people have a place to go with their radical ideas.

  8. Let people experiment with their ideas, allow the freedom to fail and try again more intelligently

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  10. Establish an innovation system for getting radical innovations out of the lab and into commercialization projects.



"Reward and celebrate new ideas
to encourage others to want contribute as well." 
Jack Welch




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Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools are relevant and rich metaphors for the kind of things we work on when we need to invent new things, anticipate opponents' moves, design an innovative strategy, and
to find a
creative solutions to complex problem.  >>>

Innopreneurial simulation games stimulate generation of radical ideas.
At InnoBall / InnoChess trainings and Innompic Games, the method of Weighted Criteria, inter alia, are used by the team leader to evaluate the ideas generated by the team.  >>>

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