The goal of the product road-mapping is to develop the product innovation strategy. Product road-mapping leads to effective project portfolio development and management. It provides for company-wide new product development (NPD) strategy development as well as division-level strategic aligning.






Product roadmaps define new product and service initiatives within a market or technology context. They embody a large percentage of the corporate strategy and provide a degree of tangibility that helps bring together other choices in direction, technology, marketing and so forth to the surface.

Furthermore, starting with product roadmaps forces people to be explicit about how their ideas translate into new products or services. It is vital for developing product roadmaps to discover assumptions beneath the selection of products.


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Questions the Roadmap Team Focuses On

What are the trends and discontinuities in relation to customer needs and desires, value innovation, product/service innovation, and product/service attributes?

How to align the corporate goals and strategies in relation to these trends?

Does the company has skills and talent to manage and execute these changes?

What strategic partnerships need to be built?

How much capital and resources will be required?


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Sample Job Description

Product Strategy, Strategic Product Design

... Ability to design Product Roadmaps that define new product and service initiatives.

Strategic planning and decision making.

Support accurate tracking and reporting of initiative milestones and spend against budget...


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