Colors and the Emotions Behind Them

List of Colors With Some Emotions and Symbolizations They Can Cause

A Western View

  • Black space, night, authority, luxury, prestige

  • Blue sky, water, travel, freedom, truth, authority, calm

  • Brown wood, comfort, strength, warmth

  • Green money, safe, calm, envy, greed, go

  • Orange autumn, youthfulness, fire, strength, stimulation

  • Pink romantic, affection, sensuality

  • Purple royalty, dignity

  • Red love, excitement, passion, stop

  • White purity, peace, perfection, virtue

  • Yellow light, purity, understanding, cowardice, caution

Chinese Opera Make-Up

Chinese opera facial make-up utilizes the colors of red, purple, black, white, blue, green, yellow, dark, red, gray, golden, and silver, with each color a unique stereotype character. In general:

  • Red symbolizes utter devotion and loyalty

  • Purple embodies fortitude and resourcefulness

  • Black manifests faithfulness and integrity

  • White implies craft

  • Blue represents valor and vigor

  • Green signifies justice and chivalry

  • Yellow exemplifies cruelty

  • Dark red is reserved for loyal old generals

  • Golden and Silver are used for Buddha, gods, ghosts, demons

Use the Right Colors in Your Promotional Materials

As colors generate subconscious emotional reactions, play a substantial role in purchases, branding and emotional marketing.

Colors are strong emotional and memorable differentiators.

According to the University of Loyola, Maryland, color increases brand recognition by a whopping 80%. The study Exciting Red and Competent Blue also confirms that purchasing intent is greatly affected by colors due to the impact they have on how a brand is perceived. Additional studies have revealed that our brains prefer recognizable brands, which makes color incredibly important when creating a brand identity. Color Research & Application suggests that it is of paramount importance for new brands to specifically target logo colors that ensure differentiation from entrenched competitors

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Its very important to know which emotions or symbolizations will trigger your target audience to buy your product or service. The use of the right colors in your promotional materials in your logo, marketing brochures, your product packages, or on your web site can actually increase your sales. When people see certain colors they can change their emotions or they can symbolize things related to the colors.

For example, if you're selling a money-making product you should use green and brown colors, as they represent money and strength, and bring out the emotion of greed and comfort respectively.

Analyze what colors your competitors use. Avoid using colors already associated with your competitor if you wish to position your product effectively in the mind of your prospects.



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