Creating Customer Value:

New Product Development

New Product Development: Critical Milestones

Your Roadmap to Customer Value Creation and Selling Success

By Indiaco

Creating Customer Value

Identify Customer Needs

Understand the Market Opportunity

Prepare to Enter the Market

Succeed in Generating Revenue

  1. Business problems

  2. Customer requirement

  3. Business opportunity

  4. Target application

  5. Technology requirements

  6. Product capabilities

  1. Competitive landscape

  2. Industry trends

  3. Market size & growth

  4. Target vertical markets

  5. Target customers

  6. Channels

  7. Potential partners

  8. Value proposition

  1. Product positioning

  2. Competitive strategies

  3. Pricing

  4. Marketing plan

  5. Sales strategy

  6. PR, AR messaging

  7. Sales tools

  8. Sales infrastructure

  9. Lead tracking system

  10. Customer support

  1. Establish partners

  2. Establish channels

  3. Identify sales leads

  4. Engage with prospects

  5. Close customers

  6. Secure reference accounts

  7. Complete product rollout



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