New-To-The-World Product Development

This milestone programme was developed for the private business incubator Indiaco, India I used to be a Board member of. The critical milestones provide a roadmap to customer value creation and selling success.

Why New Products Fail


Identify Customer Needs Understand the Market Opportunity

① Business problems

② Customer requirement

③ Business opportunity

④ Target application

⑤ Technology requirements

⑥ Product capabilities

Competitive landscape

Industry trends

③ Market size & growth

④ Target vertical markets

Target customers

⑥ Channels

 Potential partners

Value proposition



Prepare to Enter the Market Succeed in Generating Revenue

Product positioning

Competitive strategies


Marketing plan

Sales strategy

PR messaging

Sales tools

Sales infrastructure

Lead tracking system

Customer support

Establish partners

② Establish channels

③ Identify sales leads

Engage with prospects

Close customers

⑥ Secure reference accounts

 Complete product rollout