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How Your Business Makes Money and Charges for the Services Provided


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Business Model vs. Revenue Model

  • A Business Model is the umbrella term used to describe the method – position in the value chain, customer selection, products, pricing – of doing business.

  • A Revenue Model lays-out the process by which a company actually makes money by specifying how it is going to charge for the services provided.

Online Marketing and Selling

The Tree of Online Success

Internet Business and Revenue Models

  • Content marketing involves creating and posting free valuable content on various web sites online, while increasing exposure and awareness for your business, creating gratitude, building trust, and, ultimately, winning customers. >>>

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the process of brand marketing and gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. >>>



Customer Needs

What Makes People Buy    Top 10 Subconscious Values


Creating Customer Value

Superior Customer Value Creation by Small Businesses

How Do You Create Value for the Customer?


Marketing Strategies

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Marketing Strategies at Different Company Growth Stages

Virtuoso Marketing

Emotional Marketing  >> Success Stories

Empathetic Marketing

Internet Marketing Strategies >> Affiliate Marketing

Credibility Marketing

Marketing To the Subconscious

Creating Customers

Buzz Marketing  >> Success Practices


New Business Models

Internet-powered Business and Revenue Models

Selecting the Right Business Model for Your Startup Venture

How To Market Your Website Effectively


Balanced Business System

Creating Sustainable Profit Growth

3 Strategies of Market Leaders

Economic Value Added (EVA)'


Lessons from Winners

How Much You Can Earn Online from Contextual Ads

Xerox Invents Profitable Revenue Model

CVCI >> Digital Strategy >> SMM

Burger King: Creative Marketing

Estee Lauder    Rich Dad Brand    OneShift

What Is a Revenue Model?

A revenue model is the system design by which a business monetizes its solutions, products, and services.

Creating Sustainable Profits: 9 Questions To Answer

Surprise To Win: 3 Strategies

Being a key component of a business model, a revenue model is the business plan for an enterprise to make money. It describes how a business generates revenue streams from the value it creates for customers.

Value Innovation: Yin-Yang Strategies

There are many different types of revenue models. Every innovative company invents its own unique revenue model. A strong and innovative revenue model is very important for early stage startups as their investors are usually very conscious of monetization and return on their investment (ROI). Existing businesses reinvent their revenue models to expand to new areas or adjust to a new generation of customers and competitors... >>>

Disruptive Innopreneur

The bigger market you disrupt the more revenue you generate. Yes, it’s difficult to disrupt and monetize at the same time, but if you shake an industry up, disrupt a really big market, ultimately really big business will follow... >>>



Value Proposition

Sell Benefits

Focus on Emotional Drivers

Your company should deliver a particular customer value proposition to a definable market in order to exist.

Selling Is Problem Solving

Value proposition is a description of the customer problem, the solution that addresses the problem, and the value of this solution from the customer's perspective... More

New Approaches

The business in the digital economy is evolving and companies are responding to the new business environment. The accelerated development of the Internet, social networks and mobile devices is expanding the possibilities for revenue generation.

Social Media Marketing: 10 Tips

Some companies are using new e-commerce technology and the Web. Others are creating niches within market segments. Some are selling complementary products and services, while others are experimenting with new ways to generate or supplement revenue streams. These new approaches offer new possibilities for innovative firms and serve as leading-edge examples of strategic thinking, entrepreneurial creativity, and partnering opportunities.

Internet-powered Business and Revenue Models

Internet, e-commerce, contextual advertising, social networks, mobile banking and numerous other e-innovations gave rise to new kinds of business models as well as reinvented old tried-and-true models.

In the most basic sense, a business model is the method of doing business by which a company can sustain itself – that is, generate revenue. The web changes traditional business models. Internet business models continue to evolve. A firm may combine several different models as part of its overall Internet business strategy. New interesting variations keep emerging. >>>



PR Marketing

The objective of an effective public relations strategy is to generate additional revenue through greater awareness and information for the products and services an organization offers... More

Effective Pricing

The best price is always the one that provides you with the most long-term profits. Price in terms of value rather than cost. Cost-plus pricing is  worst choice. When you start pricing more intelligently, you will have a real advantage over most of your competitors... More

Create Sustainable Profit Growth

To create a sustainable revenue stream and profit growth, keep asking the following nine questions... More




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