10 Rules for Building a High-growth Business Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book





1. Acceptance

2. Definition

  • Needs assessment meeting with the Venture Associate

  • Creation of Board of Advisors for venture

  • First Board of Advisors meeting

  • Development of venture roadmap

3. Business System Development

  • Incorporation filling of government documentation

  • Organization Structure and HR needs determination

  • Building the Management Team

  • HR Policies and employee benefits (stock options)

  • Accounting Policies and best practices

  • Information Systems development and communication policies

4. Planning

5. Product Development

6. Marketing/Sales

7. Funding    

8. Graduation

  • Growth Planning

  • Graduation Ceremony

Business Incubators

New Product Development Milestones

4 Models    Business E-ncubators

Would-Be Entrepreneur

11 Keys To a Good First Venture

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Reality Check

SWOT Analysis for a Start-Up Venture

Be a Negative Optimist


6+6 Drivers

Entrepreneurial Vision


Innovation is Love Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Entrepreneurial Success

4 Entrepreneurial Strategies

8 Key Entrepreneurial Questions

Entrepreneurial Creativity

Venture Marketer

Primer on Marketing and Selling



Venture Planning Checklist

Venture Planning Chart

11 Keys To a Good First Venture

Customer Assessment

Startup Company

10 Keys to Success

Venture Leader

Value Mantra      Slogan 

Start-up Business Plan

Select the Right Business Model

Guiding Principles 

Brand Attributes 

Business Name

Venturepreneurial Team

Start-up Capital Formation Process

Five Tips for Internet Startups

Venture Management

Venture vs. Corporate Management

Venture Management Laws

5 Key Risks

5 Critical Success Factor for Ventures

The Role of IPR

Venture Financing

  Venture Financing Funnel Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Step-by-Step Guide To Venture Financing

Venture Map to Financing

Venture Presentation  >>  8 Issues

Key Documents To Be Prepared

Small Business

Growth Categories of Small Firms

12 Reasons Why Companies Fail

10 Deadly Small Business Mistakes

7 Simple Steps to Small Business Success




Innompic Model for nurturing High-growth Startups