High-Growth Start-Ups:

Business Incubator

Milestone Program

For High-Growth Start-Ups Tenants of the Indiaco Business Incubator


By Indiaco. Happy Venturing!



1. Acceptance

2. Definition

3. Business System Development

4. Planning

5. Product Development

6. Marketing / Sales

7. Funding

8. Graduation


1. Acceptance

  1. Submission of Executive Summary by entrepreneur

  2. Review of Executive Summary                

  3. First meeting with a Venture Associate

  4. Submission of Business Plan by entrepreneur

  5. Due Diligence by the Venture Associate

  6. Presentation by the entrepreneur before the Board of Advisors of the Business Incubator

  7. Contract negotiation with entrepreneur

  8. Signing of contract

2. Definition

  1. Needs assessment meeting with the Venture Associate

  2. Creation of Board of Advisors for venture

  3. First Board of Advisors meeting

  4. Development of venture roadmap

3. Business System Development

  1. Incorporation filling of government documentation

  2. Organization Structure and HR needs determination

  3. HR Policies and employee benefits (stock options)

  4. Accounting Policies and best practices

  5. Information Systems development and communication policies

4. Planning

  1. Development of Vision, Mission, Values & Strategy Statements

  2. Development of Product Development Plan

  3. Development of Marketing Plan

  4. Development of Sales Plan

  5. Development of Operations Plan

  6. Development of Financial Plan

  7. Development of Funding Plan

  8. Development of Corporate / Legal Structure

  9. Preparation of Corporate Presentation & Offer letter

  10. SpringBoard Presentation

5. Product Development

  1. Product Definition

  2. Technical Feasibility Study

  3. Development of Alpha Product / Site

  4. Alpha Testing & Debugging

  5. Identification of Beta Clients

  6. Beta Testing

  7. Customer Feedback Analysis

  8. Product Refinement & Testing

  9. Product Demonstration and Showcasing

6. Marketing/Sales

  1. Market Research

  2. Market Data Analysis

  3. Market Definition Size and Scope

  4. Marketing Strategy Development

  5. Partnership / Alliance Development

  6. Market Launch

7. Funding    

  1. Investor Strategy

  2. Road Show

  3. Negotiations with Investors

  4. Investor Commitments

8. Graduation

  1. Growth Planning

  2. Graduation Ceremony

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