3Ws of Venture Investing



Buffett's 7 Contrarian Principles

The Magic Investment Formula

The magic venture investing formula is simple: invest Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book  in young, good, innovative, and growing companies while they are cheap.

But what is "good", and what is "cheap"?

Joel Greenblatt, who has been incredibly successful running a hedge fund in part according to this Buffett-like approach, defines good and cheap companies as follows.

  • Good companies earn high returns on their investments.

  • Cheap companies sport share prices that are low (based on past earnings).

His proxies for these criteria are return on capital (operating profit as a percentage of net working capital and net fixed assets) and earnings yield (pretax operating earnings compared with enterprise value, which is the market value plus the net debt).  >>>

VC Investment Criteria





Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo Coaching by Example

Innovation Football helps strengthen and assess startups


Innopreneurial simulation game "Innovation Football"
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Venture capitalists seek comparability, Innovation Football offers it.
Innoball helps both convert ideas into a profitable business and  assess the strength of the startup, in particular its business model, business strategies, the team as a whole and each its member. >>>

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How To Get Startups Better Prepared for Venture Investment

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VC Investment Criteria

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Stages of the VC Investment Process

Due Diligence

Investigating a Startup and Its Management Team


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