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What is Business Model?  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Business model converts an invention to economic value for the business. >>>

7 Routes To High Profits

The business model draws on a multitude of business subjects including entrepreneurship, strategy Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, systems, processes, economics, finance, operations, and marketing Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.

In the most basic sense, a business model is the method of doing business by which a company can sustain itself – that is, generate revenue >>>

6Ws of Corporate Growth

Connecting Inputs to Outputs  ●  6 Components  ●  Business Model vs. Strategy

Strategic Business Success    Innompic Games  >>  A to Z of Innovation 360




Business Model vs. Revenue Model

Business Model is the umbrella term used to describe the method – position in the value chain, customer selection, products, pricing – of doing business.  >>>

Revenue Model lays-out the process by which a company actually makes money by specifying how it is going to charge for the services provided.

Customer Focus

Exceptional customer service results in greater customer retention, which in turn results in higher profitability... More



Startup Venture Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

To achieve success, you must select the right business model for your startup venture. Venture Planning is development of a means of comparing various business models, usually through financial modeling to answer the following questions... More

3Ws of Venture Investing

10 Commandments of Innovation

Establish the process: Design a business model, rules, structure, and a measuring system... More

Protect Your Business Model

Business models have taken on greater importance recently as a form of intellectual property that can be protected with a patent.

For instance, many business method patents relevant to e-business have been granted. But what is new and novel as a business model is not always clear. Some patents may be challenged in the court.

Dynamic Business Models

Today, business models have shorter shelf life. Customer loyalty is fading.  Keep reinventing the ways of creating customers. Constantly reassess your past decisions and attempt to discover, create and  implement new models and dynamic strategies if you hope to survive and grow... More

New Business Models

Old business models don't work in the new economy. "The classic business model that has dictated the structure of every company from General Motors to Microsoft is so at odds with contemporary economic currents that is must and will disappear."2... More



The Growing Role of the Business Architect

In today's knowledge- and innovation-driven complex economy, Business Architects Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book are in growing demand. 

10 Rules for Building a High-growth Business

To build a winning synergistically integrated organization, companies need  cross-functionally excellent people who can tie several silos of business development expertise together, create synergies and then lead Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book people who will put their plans into action.... More

Master of Business Synergies


Competitive Strategies

Lifestyle firms focus on perfecting traditional business model.

Market Leaders Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book create new adaptable business models... More

Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation is the creation of growth strategies, new product categories, services or business models that change the game and generate significant new value for customers and the corporation... More

Extended Enterprise

The term "extended enterprise" represents a new concept that a company is made up not just of its employees, its board members, and executives, but also its business partners, its suppliers, and its customers. The notion of extended enterprise includes many different arrangements such as virtual integration, outsourcing, distribution agreements, collaborative marketing, R&D program partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, preferred suppliers, and customer partnership... More



Business Model for Radical Innovation Projects

Radical projects are experimental because the experimentation is the key to discovery. The early stage of the radical innovation process is ripe with opportunity, but it is also devoid of many definitive facts. Due to its high degree of ambiguity, this development phase has become known as "the fuzzy front end." ... More

While over 70% of such high-risk-high return projects fail, entrepreneurial simulation games such as Innovation Football, help a radical innovation project not just succeed by exceed the initially desired results. It is achieved through strengthening the venture ‒ its  entrepreneurial team, strategies and business model.  >>   Example


Case Studies Xerox

Xerox Corporation's early days in the copy machine business with its Xerox Model 914 copier illustrate the importance of the business model. Xerox invented and innovative business mode and revenue model to bring its innovative product to market successfully.

As a result, Xerox sustained a compound annual growth rate of 41% over a 12 year period. Without this business model, Xerox might not have been successful in commercializing the innovation... More

To accelerate its production printing services business, Fuji Xerox opened "epicenter“ in 2004. The epicenter provides highly professional services to innovate the digital printing business. It incorporates a collection of Fuji Xerox's digital printing systems to replicate various production applications, serves as a new business model, and acts as a collaboration space with outside business partners.

The name, epicenter, conveys the tectonic change that the Company is offering through the new added values of digital printing, to cultivate the new publishing business era.



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