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Investment Selection Criteria

Venture Capital (VC) Investment Criteria


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Venture Investing Team Assessment by Using Innovation Football Business Model Sources of Sustainable Competitive Advantage Venture Investment Criteria - 3Ws: Team, Business Model, Sustainable Competitive Advantage

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Investment Criteria of Business Angels and VC Firms

Business angels and VC firms use somewhat different criteria for business plan evaluation and  Investment selection >>>

The things venture capital investors look for in a start-up are:




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Innovation Football helps strengthen and assess startups


Innopreneurial simulation game "Innovation Football"
 helps strengthen an innovation team,
business model Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and sustainable competitive advantage
‒ all within few hours.  >>>

Venture capitalists seek comparability, Innovation Football offers it.
Innoball helps both convert ideas into a profitable business and  assess the strength of the startup, in particular its business model, business strategies, the team as a whole and each its member. >>>

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