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Step-by-Step Guide To Venture Financing Venture Presentation Guidelines Start-up Business Plan: Executive Summary Start-up Business Plan Start-up Business Plan: Executive Summary Milestone Chart Cash Flow Forecast Management Team Start-up Business Plan Due Diligence Worksheet Investors Selection Criteria: Business Anagels and VC Firms Due Diligence: Study Areas Initial Screening: Company Assessment Worksheet Initial Screening: Company Assessment Worksheet Due Diligence Negotiating and Closing the Deal Valuation of a Start-up Company Legal Contract: Structuring the Deal Funding: Typical Terms of Preferred Stock Issued to Venture Capitalists Venture Financing Ten3 Business e-Coach: why, what, and how



Venture Financing: Key Documents Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book


3Ws of Venture Investing

Experienced venture capitalists know that ideas are a dime a dozen, only execution skills count. They invest in people/ management team , business model Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and sustainable competitive advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, not in ideas.

Typical Problem

Unfortunately, most inventors lack entrepreneurial Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and business skills to to meet your investment criteria.

As a venture investor, you must be aware of this problem:: too many inventors ask for venture capital, but few can demonstrate sound skills of converting ideas into a profitable business.

According to Saratoga Ventures, only 6 out of 1000 business ideas get funded on average by venture capitalists. It does not mean that the remaining 994 out of 1000 ideas are not good enough.

Smart Solution

If you want to build more effective business relationships with your   prospective investees, Just advise them to follow the step-by-step guide to venture financing. It offers free guidance on when, how and what type of finance they should seek, how to prepare a sound venture proposition and a business plan, how to design and make a venture presentation, and how to negotiate and structure the deal >>>

Business e-Coach can help you turn the inventors approaching you into great entrepreneurs without any effort from your side. The step-by-step guide to raising funds for start up ventures would help first-time entrepreneurs to understand your investment strategy and preferences and develop a business proposal that meets your expectations. All you need to do now is to advise ill-prepared inventors to go through all its  steps thoroughly and come back to you afterwards. And enjoy the results.

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Innovation Football helps strengthen and assess startups


Innopreneurial simulation game "Innovation Football"
 help strengthen an innovation team,

business model
Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and sustainable competitive advantage
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Venture capitalists seek comparability, Innovation Football offers it.
Innoball helps both
convert ideas into a profitable business and  assess the strength of the startup, in particular its business model, business strategies, the team as a whole and each its member. >>>

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