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How to Create Organizational Change System


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 KoRe 10 Tips for Creating an Effective Organizational Change System


Deal with change in a proactive manner. Nurture company-wide desire to change. Boost dissatisfaction with the status quo to establish a sense of urgency. Communicate powerfully! the need to unleash the true power of your organization and reshape it into a more competitive enterprise. Build a culture of creative dissatisfaction to reduce barriers and resistance to change.

Develop an inspiring vision of the desired future, a strategy to achieve it, and a change program. Set the milestones on the way to that desired future.

Start change with yourself and the management team to create a seamless bridge from the vision to action. Create a coalition of change leaders. Ensure that all top managers understand and embrace your vision and are willing to collaborate to make it a reality.

Build Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and empower cross-functional teams of change leaders representing all the key constituencies of your organization. Facilitate intellectual teamwork.

Play simulation games, such as Innoball, to know the enemies of change, anticipate their attacks, strengthen your change program and be prepared to deal with unforeseen challenges as you move forward in real-life situations.  >>  Examples

Communicate your vision and the change progress constantly. People have to understand where they are going and where they are now in order to stay strategically aligned and contribute effectively to the crusade.

Involve everyone, empower change leaders. Invite their opinion regarding critical issues such as the direction you should be headed, the adjustments you have to make, the partners you should invite, enemies you should be aware of, and the resources you have to allocate.

Maintain strategic focus. Modify you strategic plan based on the employee feedback. Learn as you go, ask Learning SWOT Questions after every major step into the unknown and make the necessary adjustments.

Celebrate successes, reward change champions to keep the level of enthusiasm high. And move towards the next stretch goal.

Institutionalize the new structures and approaches to make the change irreversible. Train employees to help them master the new skill and achieve behavioral change.


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