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Developing People:

Coaching Organization

Skill / Will Matrix

Selecting an Appropriate Coaching Style

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Adapted from The Tao of Coaching, Max Landsberg


Details on Applying the Skill / Will Matrix


Build the will

Build the skill

Sustain the will

Supervise closely with tight control and clear rules/deadlines


Provide initial guidance

Create a risk-free environment: there is no failure only feedback

Relax control as progress is shown


Identify reason for low will

Identify motivators and motivate

Monitor, measure performance, and feed back


Empower provide freedom to do the job

Encourage player to take responsibility

Take appropriate risk give more stretching tasks

Why Skill/Will Matrix?

"No person can be a great leader
unless he takes genuine joy in the success of those under him." 
~ W.A. Nanc

If you assigned a task to someone and the job does not quite get done well enough, one of the most likely reasons is that:

  • you have delegated the task to someone who is unwilling or unable to complete the job, and have then remained relatively uninvolved or 'hands-off', or

  • you may have been too directive or 'hands-on' with a capable person who was quite able to complete the assignment with little assistance from you; you just ended up demotivating him/her.

Consequently, whether you are managing, or leading Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, or coaching, it is critical to match your style of interaction with the player's readiness for the task. The Skill/Will Matrix will help you do this.



Instant Payoff Coaching

You can use the instant payoff coaching technique when you don't have the time or knowledge to complete a full coaching session and really build your player's skills, but you do want to help him or her to complete the task in question or solve Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book a specific 4 problem... More

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