Managerial Leadership

New Management Model

What Today's Workplace Needs Its Leaders To Do

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By: Dean Prebble and Prof. Howard Frederick, Ten3 NZ Ltd.

"Effective leaders are those whose group members feel their needs are getting satisfied
and the leaders themselves feel they are getting their own needs met."


Today’s organisation requires radically different leadership skills to survive in the rapidly changing global economy

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Surprise To Win: 3 Strategies

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The rapidly changing marketplace, increased global competition, and leaner organisational structures require radically different skills and attributes from all individuals in the workplace.

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  Organizational leaders Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book must make their organisations more flexible and responsive. To do so they must:

Employee Empowerment: Yin-Yang Balancet

  • Share their expertise as well as their mistakes freely with others

  • Demonstrate a high level of patience and tolerance for ambiguity

  • Share power and decision-making with others throughout the organisation

  • Demonstrate commitment to their own learning

  • Have a strong sense of purpose for themselves and the organisation

  • Be willing to share important organisational information at all levels

Managerial Communication

25 Lessons from Jack Welch  Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

  • Encourage relationships and the building of networks

  • Demonstrate courage and inspire and energize others through their own actions

  • Respond to both spoken and unspoken needs of others in the organisation

  • Have high personal and professional standards.