Leadership is about creating powerful human currents
moving enthusiastically and creatively in the right direction >>>




Leadership is not about shining,
it is about helping others shine.



   Leadership by Example and Leadership Attributes





Leadership definition quotes, Vadim Kotelnikov

Main Task


Leaders vs. Others

Leaders create news.
Others watch news.
Which group do you belong to?

Serve Your People

Giving is getting.
If you want to grow as a leader, help your people grow and thrive.

Attributes &

Leadership Qualities & Traits

Leading Change

Entrepreneurial Leader

Inspirational Leader

Example & Superleader





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Leading Change



Change-Leadership Perpetuum Mobile:
Change creates Leaders, Leaders create Change.


  Creating Change and Leading a Venture


Creating Change Leading Change See Change as an Opportunity Change quotes Leadership quotes Leader 360 Change-Leadership Wheel - a Perpetuum Mobile


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12 Leadership Roles    Inspirational Leader

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