Source: "A Short Guide To Transformational Leadership Development," Murray Johannsen



Transformational Leadership

3 Fundamental Goals

Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership

Transformational Leadership Characteristics

Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Best All-Time Leadership Techniques

  1. Communication. Most managers have terrible communication skills, despite what they believe. I'm reminded of a study that once reported that 85% of the men in America believe they are better than average drivers.

  2. Motivation. This mysterious fuel that drives behavior is not so mysterious if one uses the right set of theories and knows how to apply them.

  3. Learning. The great tragedy of most education systems is that they never teach students how to learn or how to build skills. Transformational leaders understand how to build skills quickly.

  4. Role Flexibility. Ineffective managers typically get stuck, trapped in a limited set of behaviors that they try to use in all situations. Transformational leadership is about using a leadership style appropriate to the context.

  5. Influencing. Influential people succeed and non-influential people don't. Transformational leaders establish rapport and trust by expressing how much you care about their followers.

  6. Self-Mastery. The "software" running the mind can be changed if one knows what one is doing. It requires requires learning a new language understood by the unconscious. Doing so allows one to make changes in one's behavior.

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We must become the change

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