A paradigm is a system of thought based on a central fundamental premise.

A paradigm is external to us, its perception and acceptance is internal.

Paradigms underlie our understandings of the physical sciences as well as the foundations on which virtually every other significant factor of everyday life is based.

Paradigms are central to human culture. They are learned, taught, passed on and often serve to define membership in a culture or subculture.


Cultural Intelligence

East vs. West: Beliefs, Values, Life Philosophies

Cultural  Differences

World Cultures

Cross-cultural Communication

Leveraging Diversity






Paradigms influence how we think, our self-awareness and self-intelligence, how we approach life design, govern ourselves, socialize and deal with cultural differences

Paradigms have a great impact on how our our economic systems, public institutions and the structures of our organizations are configured and operate.

Paradigms shape our people skills and how we manage people and other resources.



Behavioral Models

Why Join Ventures Fail










Two Interactive Mental Models1

Paradigms external to you; shared; a universally accepted model providing the context for understanding and decision making in a particular field

Knowledge Structures internal to you; individual; the way you think and what you think about. "When new information is compatible with your knowledge structures it is accepted, when it does not mesh with your pre-conceived ideas or past experience it receives little consideration, is distorted or ignored."

Same Reality, Different Perceptions


3 Types of Managerial Responses to a Paradigm Crisis

When Existing Organizational Structures and Management Systems are No Longer Able to Perform Effectively

  1. Improving Existing Structures: to try harder, to do more and do it faster using the same structures and practices. "But if we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got and poor performance delivered more quickly at greater effort is still poor performance."1

  2. Denial and frustration

  3. Radical Change: the best way out of the problem is to create or adopt a new way of doing things. This new way will require new patterns of outside-the-box thinking and proactive innovation.


Knowledge, Wisdom, Enlightenment

Insight & Comprehension

Breakthrough Thinker  >>  10 Tips    Serendipity  >>  10 Tips

Game-Changing Innovation

Proactive and Reactive Innovation  >>  Proactive Innovation

Challenge Assumption

KoRe 10 Tips    Sloane's 6 TIps    'Why? What If?' Questions

Working Smarter

10 Locks that Limit Creative Thinking    6 Barriers To Innovation

Get Smart!    Conscious Assumptions

Flexibility    Strategic Flexibility    Smart & Fast Decision Maker

Master of Business Synergies (MBS)

Synergize Diversities




1. "Thinking Outside the Comfort Zone", Jerry Sentell

2. Motivation123, Jason Gracia

Paradigm Crisis and Paradigm Shift

"The future ain't what it used to be." ~ Yogi Berra 

Paradigms describe a basis for anticipation of specific events; they do not deal with values per se. When an existing paradigm no longer adequately explains or predicts relevant phenomenon and no replacement has been a paradigm crisis takes hold.

4 WHYs of True Success 

To adopt a new paradigm you need to open your mind and start thinking differently, outside the box. "The only way a paradigm crisis can be resolved is by replacing an old, no longer adequate paradigm with a new and different one that explains and predicts better than the original, a paradigm shift. Paradigm shifts do not involve simply slight modifications to the existing model. They instead replace and render the old model obsolete. says Jerry Sentell."1

Creating a Paradigm Shift

Empower yourself to change the world! 

"Throughout history significant paradigm shifts are almost always led by those at the fringes of a paradigm, not those with a vested interest (intellectual, financial or otherwise) in maintaining the current paradigm, regardless of its obvious shortcomings"1  





Civilizational breakthrough is the result of a World-changing radical, holistic, systemic, harmonious and synergized mega-innovations that create a lasting civil impact and cause a global paradigm shift.  >>  Example

Innompic Games



Innompiology is the social science that examines and explains  how to create civilizational breakthroughs and harmonious mega-innovations.