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"Growth 10+ is people 10+. Boost performance of employees by synergizing your management and leadership roles."

~ VadiK


Old hierarchical command-and-control management model focuses on managing assets and numbers.

New management model is about managing resources, capabilities, change and opportunities.




Why New Management Model?





The old traditional ways of managing not longer work and will never work again. A lack creativity of vitality and is not tolerated any longer.

In the new rapidly changing economy, inspired people have become your firm's most precious and productive resource. Hence, we witnessed the transition from an old to a new management model.

  New Management Model: Enterprise-wide Cross-Functional Approach



Growth 10+ is People 10+




New Management Model: Business Growth 10+ is People 10+  

People are your firm's repository of knowledge and they are central to your company's competitive advantage.

Well coached, energized and highly motivated people are critical to the development and execution of strategies, especially in today's faster-paced, more perplexing world.




Leadership the New Managerial Task

In the new era of rapid changes and knowledge-based enterprises, managerial work becomes increasingly a leadership task.





Leadership is the primary force behind successful change.

Leaders empower employees to act on the vision.

They execute through inspiration and develop implementation capacity networks through a complex web of aligned relationships and training.

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Leadership-Management Synergy

To maximize your long-term success, you should strive to be both a manager and a leader and to synergize their functions. Merely possessing management skills is no longer sufficient for success as an executive in today's business world. Managerial leadership tasks keep changing in a rapidly changing business environment.




New Management Model Leadership-Management Synergy  

As a
modern manager, You need to understand the differences between managing and leading and know how to integrate the two roles to achieve organizational success.





Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurial leadership is the primary force behind successful change. Entrepreneurial leaders discover emerging business opportunities and empower employees to act on the vision. They execute through inspiration and develop implementation capacity networks through a complex web of aligned relationships... More


Entrepreneurial Strategist

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New Management Model Leaders create human currents VadiK quotes

Managers follow rules. Innovators break rules. VadiK quotes



3 Key Qualities of Modern Business Leaders

Jack Welch, the legendary former CEO of GE, listed the qualities of new business leaders as follows:

① To be bursting with energy

② To be able to develop and implement a vision

③ To know and be able to spread enthusiasm like wildfire by firing up the entire company


25 Lessons from Jack Welch


Inspirational Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

Extreme Leadership




New Management Model systems thinker  

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is a big challenge for many managers, but it became a must in today's interconnected economy and business systems... More





Inspiring and Empowering Intrapreneurs




New Management Model: Intrapreneurs vs. KPI-focused Employees  

Intrapreneurs should be strategically aligned and focus on specific challenges their company already faces.

Create some space for intrapreneurship and use the Skill/Attitude Matrix to lead and manage intrapreneurs.






Manager as a Coach

Effective managers need to coach, not micromanage. Motivational coaching helps improve employee performance to an optimum level by bringing out the very best in people and unlocking their true potential. Top-down coaching can help build a stronger, more productive company by encouraging personal growth and intellectual collaboration. Coaching cam also help to handle change easier... More




Top-down Coaching

Skill/Will Matrix

GROW Model

Instant Pay-off






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