The Three Levels of Enterprise Strategy


Enterprise strategy can be formulated and implemented at three different levels: Corporate level, Business unit level, and Functional or departmental level... More



Strategies of Market Leaders  ▪  Sustainable Value Creation





Strategic Business Design

Strategic business design is a powerful tool of Strategic Management and strategy formulation. It deals with a "big picture". Strategic business design is as an effective way to bridge innovation, research, management and design based on  the analysis of external and internal trends and data... More






Focus Areas

Strategic Intent  >>  Market Leadership Strategies

Competitive Strategies  >>  Strand Out from the Competition

Corporate Strategies  >>  Business Strategies  >>  Functional Strategies  >>  Marketing Strategies

Strategic Business Design  >>  Strategic Business Success

Innovation Strategies  >>  Strategic Innovation  |  Technology Strategies  |  Venture Strategies

7 Keys Focus Areas



3Bs of Strategic Creativity

❶ Understanding industry transformation  >>>  5 Strategic Questions

Conceptualizing the core knowledge asset

Understanding customer needs and benefits  >>>

Changing the existing logic  Surprise to Win Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Developing an overall direction

Developing strategy for both the short and long term  >>>

Adapting strategy constantly to opportunities and learning

Learning SWOT Questions



3 Strategies of Market Leaders Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book



Strategic Business Design

Critical Question Analysis

6 Keys To Effective Strategic Planning Meeting