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Glossary of Inter-Cultural Terminology

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12 Tips for Global Business Travelers


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Managing Cultural Differences

10 Main Patterns of Cultural Differences     Colors

Multicultural Collaboration     Trust

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CQ as New Managerial Expertise

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Business e-Coach for Asia-Pacific Countries

Tao-style Business Plan    The Tao of Business Success

Balanced Organization: 5 Basic Elements  >>  INNOMPUS

Competitive Advantage: U.S. versus Japan    Russian Innovators

Management by Consciousness    Using Feng Shui

Corporate Culture

High-Performing CULTURE    Innovation  >>  5 Strategies

Inspiring    Team    Customer-focused    Design

Creative Dissatisfaction    Constructive Competition

Kaizen  >>  3 Pillars    Questioning    No-Blame

Continuous Improvement Culture: Japan vs. West 

Leverage Diversity

Synergize Diversities  >>  Synergistic Team    Synergy Innovation

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Intellectual Teamwork  >>  Team Creativity  >>  10 Tips

Spiral Integration of Ideas (SPIN)


One World One Way Many Paths


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Vadim Kotelnikov  >> Tao-style quotes

One World  ●  The Kingdom of God

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Be Different  ●  People Skills    Leadership

Bhagavad-Gita     Russian Wisdom

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