Become More Creative
and a
Better Problem Solver

All progress comes about as the result of finding better, faster, cheaper, easier or different ways to do things and this requires the continual honing of your
creative thinking skills



Vadim Kotelnikov

Smart ones recognize change.

Smarter ones anticipate change.

Smartest ones create change.

Vadim Kotelnikov

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Your Key Job At Work

One of the key functions of the executive  is problem solving, which takes up as much as 50% of executive time.

It can be said with some confidence that your ability to deal with problems creatively and effectively is the key determinant of your success as a manager. It would be hard to imagine an effective executive who could not solve problems and make decisions with a high level of competence.


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You Are A Genius

I've studied and lectured on creative thinking for years and I've come to the conclusion that there is virtually no problem you cannot solve, no goal you cannot achieve, no obstacle you cannot overcome if you know how to apply the creative powers of your mind, like a laser beam, to cut through every difficulty in your life and your work.


Awaken Your Inner Genius

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The benefits of functioning with more creativity can be enormous.

Each of us wants to earn more money, be promoted faster, and enjoy greater status, prestige and recognition. In most cases however, we can only earn more by producing more or of better quality or cheaper or faster and this requires doing things differently, using creativity.  >>>




Step On Your Own Acceleration

The good news is that creativity is a skill and a talent that can be learned and developed through practice. With this skill, you can dramatically accelerate your personal and professional growth.

By sharpening your thinking skills and exercising your natural creative powers, you can multiply the value of your efforts and rapidly increase the quantity and quality of your rewards.  >>>.


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Action Exercises




Donald Trump quotes

Being smart is dumb, ignorance is good.


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I've been smart enough to have lived my life stupidly.

Faina Ranewskaya

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Even an idiot becomes smarter when he falls in love.




Here are two things you can do immediately to be more creative:

❶ See yourself as a professional problem-solver and look upon every difficulty or challenge as an opportunity to develop your creative powers.

❷ Look for problems you can solve and obstacles you can overcome. The more you seek for answers and ideas, the smarter and more creative you become.