The owners of a furniture shop in Boston, U.S. love what they are doing and love their customers. They genuinely want to make furniture shopping fun.

Play Area for Children

Corporate design thinkers figured out that many customers bring small children with them and that adults would stay longer and shop more seriously if the kids felt happy in the shop. So, they constructed a large children's play area inside the store with many exciting games.

"Do something for their kids. It always means far more to customers than doing anything for them." ~ Mark McCormack


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Smart Navigation

Visitors have to walk all the way through the store to get to the playground, so parents can see the furniture before settling down to in-depth shopping. Their kids are happy, so the parents are in a positive mood and are more likely to make a purchase.


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Surprise Gifts

And one more gift. Car windows of all visitors are washed.

Happy visitors become repeat customers and tell their friends about the shop's outstanding customer service and their positive experience

All these makes the shop the most popular furniture outlet in the area.


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Surprise Gifts



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