Creating Customer Value:

Value Innovation

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Add More Value (MVA) for Your Customer

Michael Hammer

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As Michael Hammer puts it, "MVA means that you give the customer more, perhaps far more, than you ever have before."

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MVA "goes beyond simplifying your customers' interactions with you to delivering solutions to your customers' problems, of which your products and services in their native forms are but small pieces..."

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"You can visualize the principle of MVA as a ladder with your product at the bottom and the solution to your customer's problems at the top."

"The more help you provide your customers to fill that gap, the more value you add to them, which, of course, differentiates you from your competitors who are still scrambling around at the bottom of the ladder."  >>>

Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Strategy

"Also, it is to your advantage to control as much of the ladder as you can ‒ customers will be less likely to abandon you in favor of someone else, lower down the ladder, who offers less value. At the same time, your opportunity for margin and profit increases."

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Michael Hummer suggests the following five strategies to add more value for your customers.

  1. Think of yourself as a provider of solutions, rather than of products or services.

Customer Care

Sell Benefits

Empathetic Marketing

Emotional Marketing

  1. Distinguish between what you are selling and what your customer is buying.

  2. Take a broad view of your customer's underlying problems that go beyond you and your products.

  3. See what your customers do with what you give them, and either do it for them or help them with it.

  4. Price in terms of value rather than cost.  >>>


Sam Walton's rules for buiding a great business

The goal as a company is

to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.  >>>

Sam Walton


Mark Zuckerberg business advice quotes Facebook

I know it sounds corny,

but I’d love to improve people’s lives, especially socially.

Mark Zuckerberg


Charles Schwab advice quotes

I feel good every day about helping people invest; helping them achieve financial independence.

Charles Schwab

Schwab Inc.

Akio Morita advice quotes Sony

Carefully watch how people live, get an intuitive sense as to what they might want and then go with it.  >>>

Akio Morita


Mother Teresa

Kind word can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.




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