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Master of Business Synergies (MBS) vs. MBA

Modern approach to business development for the modern economy




Synergy formulae, 1+1+1=111, Vadim Kotelnikov, Rajendra Jagdale

MBA?  It was relevant in the previous century.

In today's rapidly changing economy
administration would rather kill an
innovative company


MBS vs/ MBA - Master of Business Synergies, Cross-functional Innovation Leader



MBS is not about mastering operations, it is about creating
innovative synergies and
synergistic innovations Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.

It inspires creation of innovative
cross-functional combinations and helps you work
smart & hard

MBS helps you discover new growth opportunities, synergize diversities. and build sustainable competitive advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

MBS builds your cross-functional expertise,  nurtures
entrepreneurial creativity Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and turns you into
an amazing
business architect Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

MBS places you in a structured creative chaos environment that encourages synergistic approaches to your organization Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book,
business Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and  customer success Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book strategies.

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Examples of MBS practices


Synergize Leadership and Management Roles

Build Synergistic Teams

12 Effective Leadership Roles Creating a Vision Employee Empowerment Team Building and Teamwork Leader 360 Ten3 Business e-Coach: global success Leadership Synergy Effective Manager Strategic Management: Resource-based Model Pursuing Opportunities Strategic Achievement Risk Management Inspirational Leadership Decentralization and Delegation Results-based Leadership The Jazz of Innovation Leading Innovation Strategic Leadership Managing Innovation vs. Managing Operations Innovation System

Leadership-Management Synergy

Synergistic Team Synergy Synergize Diversities Cross-pollination of Ideas Synergistic Partnerships Master of Business Synergies (MBS) Synergistic Team, great teamwork


Synergize 7 Areas of innovation

Leverage and Synergize Diversities

Systemic Innovation Business Innovation Organizational Innovation Strategy Innovation Technology Innovation Process Innovation Product Innovation Creative Marketing Ten3 Business e-Coach: global success Innovarsity Vadim Kotelnikov Systemic Innovation: 7 Areas Business Success 360 Denis Kotelnikov Emfographics Actors

Innovation Management: 7 Areas of Systemic Innovation

Synergistic Innovation Cross-pollination of Ideas Synergize Diversities Master of Business Synergies (MBS) Systemic Innovation Cross-functional Innovation Teams Same Reality, Different Perceptions Synergistic Team Cross-functional Teams Inspiring People Creative Problem Solving Discovering Opportunities Synergize Diversities: Synergistic Team, Ideas, Innovation, Master of Business Synergies, MBS, e-coach


Synergize Your Innovation Portfolio

Synergize Guiding Structure and Improvisation

Synergize Radical and Incrfemental Innovation Market Leadership Strategies Innovation Portfolio Sustainable Growth Strategies Radical vs. Incremental Innovation Radical Innovation Vadim Kotelnikov Blue Ocean Strategy Efficiency Improvement Sustainable Profits Venture Strategies Innovation Project Management: 2 Approaches

The Jazz of Innovation Synergistic Innovation Guiding Structure Improvisation Customere-driven Innovation Vadim Kotelnikov Innovation Project Management Innovarsity - free online innovation university Innovation Process

The Jazz of Innovation - improvisation within a guiding structure, innovation process, innovation project management, Vadim Kotelnikov


Synergize the Science and the Art of Marketing

Synergize smartness and hard work

Synergistic Marketing Example: Global Self-Education Statistics Emfographics actors: Xenia Kotelnikova Knowing Your Customers Marketing Plan Creative Marketing Success 360 Surprise To Win Syneregistic Selling Vadim Kotelnikov Virtuoso Marketing Virtuoso Marketing: Science-Art Synergy

Denis Kotelnikov Be a Winner! Challenging Assumptions Thinking Outside the Box Experimentation Smart-Hard Synergy Practice Power Work Smarter Never Give Up Resistance To Change Leading Change How To Make New Habits Stick

Smart-Hard Synergy - Work both smart and hard, how to be highly successful, Denis Kotelnikov





Your MBS Expertise and Tools


Build Your Cross-functional Expertise

Use KoRe 10 Tools to build innovative synergies

Master of Business Synergies (MBS) Cross-functional Expertise Lateral Thiking Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools Holistic Thinking Synergy Synergistic Innovation Synergistic Marketing Synergistic Selling New Management Model Synergize Diversities Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM) Emforgaphics Vadim Kotelnikov Vadim Kotelnikov New Business Models Entrepreneurial Creativity Leader 360 People Skills 360

Cross-fucntional Expertise - learn the whole spectrum of notes and discover synergies, Vadim Kotelnikov, emfographics

The Jazz of Innovation Master of Business Synergies (MBS) Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools Invent New Things Design Entrepreneurial Strategies Anticipate Your Opponents' Moves Disruptive Innovator Vadim Kotelnikov Vadim Kotelnikov: personal branding Business e-Coach

Kore 10 Inventive Thinking Tools