Vadim Kotelnikov  

Master of Business Synergies (MBS) vs. MBA

Modern approach to business development for the modern economy




Synergy formulae, 1+1+1=111, Vadim Kotelnikov, Rajendra Jagdale

MBA?  It was relevant in the previous century.

In today's rapidly changing economy
administration would rather kill an
innovative company


MBS vs/ MBA - Master of Business Synergies, Cross-functional Innovation Leader



MBS is not about mastering operations, it is about creating
innovative synergies and
synergistic innovations Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.

It inspires creation of innovative
cross-functional combinations and helps you work
smart & hard

MBS helps you discover new growth opportunities, synergize diversities. and build sustainable competitive advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

MBS builds your cross-functional expertise,  nurtures
entrepreneurial creativity Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and turns you into
an amazing
business architect Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

MBS places you in a structured creative chaos environment that encourages synergistic approaches to your organization Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book,
business Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book and  customer success Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book strategies.

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