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Product Design Innovation Process A-Z/360 by Vadim Kotelnikov  

Successful companies design new products for both great customer experience and efficient manufacture. They build design thinking and innovation into their organization and often involve customers in the process of new-product design and its alpha- and beta-testing.





An example of
Soft Innovation and Design

This dad designed shoes and harnesses so that his paralyzed daughter could have the sensation of walking.

  Soft Innovation - new product design example




Typically, the process of new-product design consists of file stages. These stages are:
1. Preparation of concepts; 2. Detailed design;
3. Production of prototypes; 4. Testing;
5. Final design



Value Innovation

Customer Experience



Steve Jobs advice quotes

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs





Design Thinking

Design thinking helps develop a better customer experience. The process of design thinking is a series of steps for gaining insights, setting objectives, generating options, testing strategies, and getting feedback.


Benefits of Design Thinking

Design Thinking Approaches

Strategic Design



Jack Welch advice business quotes

Simplicity is a key component of a successful business. Simple designs reach the market faster.

Jack Welch



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Success depends on both what you do and how you do it. There are specific elements that help you and your company to be more innovative. But it's not a matter of simply following directions. "The 'secret formula' is actually not very formulaic. It's blend of culture, methodologies, infrastructure, and work practices," says Tom Kelly from IDEO, a World leading product design firm.




According to IDEO, the Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic of Innovation are Observation, Brainstorming, and Prototyping.

"Identify every barrier that keeps people away from your offerings, especially for first-time customers. Then systematically tackle each one, using a combination of simplicity, clear communication, and customer-centered design," advises Tom Kelley from IDEO.


The Art of Innovation

Value Innovation

Entrepreneurial Creativity

Culture for Innovation

Innovation Process




Observation-fueled insight that makes innovation possible. Uncovering what comes naturally to people. And having the strengths to change the rules.

Innovation Process A-Z/360


Customer-driven Innovation


Design for Environment (DfE)





Example:  Harley-Davidson

At Harley-Davidson, a manufacturer of heavy-weight motorcycles, management commitment to new product design via cross-functional teams is clear.

Representatives from engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and marketing have always had influence on the future direction of new products.




In addition, management is implementing self-managed work teams to help meet the challenges of manufacturing its products in a timely fashion. Harley-Davidson's self-management work teams are on the way to becoming the standard for the industry.


Cross-functional Innovation Teams

Empower CFIT







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