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Some Keys to Customer Value Proposition


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Three Generic Value Propositions (Value Disciplines)

By Treacy & Wiersma

The best total cost (best price, hassle-free service), like McDonald's

The best product (best performance), like Nike

The best solution (tailored, individual service), like Harrods

The trick is to excel in one area
while maintaining acceptable levels in the others.



The Best Technique to Win the Customer Over

Skillful integration of the following three considerations
can prove irresistible:

Good idea

Fair price

Emotional considerations


Why People Purchase?

Why people purchase? How to get more of them to purchase from you now? How to make your advertising work?

Strategy 1: Take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exist in the hearts of people, and focus them on your product.

Strategy 2: Create a new customer need or desire, and offer your product as the best solution.


Selling Is Problem Solving

Sell Benefits

Synergistic Selling: 3 Components

What Is Your Business Design?

The delivery of the customer value proposition relies on a business design, which uses key business processes to harness the distinctive capabilities, competences and resources of your firm to deliver superior value to relevant markets. Inspired by design thinking, customer value propositions and business designs compete and collaborate for customers, resources, infrastructures and skills on strategic landscapes... More

Do Your Customers Enjoy Buying from You?

Why would people want buy from you if they don't enjoy doing so? Making what you have to sell fun to buy is simply taking the whole process one step further. "If you can make your customers laugh, and excite them with your vision of what life can be, they are not going to walk into your outlets, but run into them. Running a successful business should be fun for you, and there's every reason why you should be able to communicate that sense of fun to your customers. Certainly, if you aren't having fun, you probably aren't running a successful business," write James Essinger and Helen Wylie in The Seven Deadly Skills of Competing.



Tap into a Value System to Direct Desires

People do what they desire to do. Our values define our actions. If your target customers value and desire what you have, they will trade you their money for your product. All you need to do in your marketing efforts is tap into a value system with a message that stirs the emotions.

As an entrepreneur the purpose of your marketing efforts is to direct desires that are rooted in six universal values knowledge, money, self-realization, love, power, and order.

Effective marketing targets the corollary emotions that run as conduits from these mission control centers, and thus gets an instant access into a personís subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, in turn, compels the conscious mind to buy.




Use Metaphors

Metaphors that inspire 'Aha!' moments instantly are important parts of marketing communication. Metaphors help a sender to make a message more colorful and easier to understand and visualize.  Metaphors make the receivers' thinking more intuitive by invoking an imaginary example of something they are familiar with... More



Selling to Intuiters, Sensors, Thinkers, and Feelers

Intuiters are tend to look at the big picture and avoid the details. They are very interested in the possibility of what's coming next. This is why this type of person would be receptive to a differentiation strategy based on your product being the next generation in its category... More

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