Have a Dream

Love What You Do

Build Cross-functional Excellence

Learn Creativity Techniques

Think Outside the Box

Play with Different Ideas

Learn Something Absolutely New

Quiet Your Mind

Cross-pollinate Ideas with Others

Harness the Power of Diversity


Be Self-Confident



Inspiration Creativity quotes If you stop learning you stop creating hostory and become history. Vadim Kotelnikov  



Education brings knowledge.

Applying knowledge brings wisdom.

Silencing knowledge brings enlightenment. >>>



Regardless of how much you achieved, you can achieve
millions times more



If you stop learning, you stop creating history
and become history.

Learn something absolutely new

Read inspirational books, at least one page every day. Watch inspirational movies and videos. Feel more relaxed and pay better attention to what is going on around you. Get and read an interesting book unrelated to your field or expertise. Expose yourself to a different environment.  Go to a place that you haven’t been before.

Quiet your mind

Great ideas come when there are fewer distractions, your mind is fresh and open, and you are not stressed. Take a bird's eye view of the things. Reduce the intensity of your internal self talk. Spend more time in the jacuzzi or in the shower. Go to bed a half an hour early to have time for quiet reflection. Meditate – by integrating your dream with meditation, you will see results a lot faster.

3 Levels of Your Creativity Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Cross-pollinate ideas with others

Creative thinking is an intense social activity. New ideas arise often from cross-pollination. Many winning innovative solutions were inspired and developed in the process of cross-pollination of ideas, rather than narrowly focused search. Cross-pollinate with people both within and outside your organization or area of expertise. Encourage comments and ideas. Inspire advocates. Meet new creative, inspiring and energized people. Exchange of ideas will also help you learn about best practices in related areas that are outside your core competence.

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