Have a Dream

Love What You Do

Build Cross-functional Excellence

Learn Creativity Techniques

Think Outside the Box

Play with Different Ideas

Learn Something Absolutely New

Quiet Your Mind

Cross-pollinate Ideas with Others

Harness the Power of Diversity


Be Self-Confident



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When you ask searching questions, you innovate forward.

When you have answers, you stagnate.  >>>



Have a big, daring and inspiring entrepreneurial vision!
If the desire to get rich was the only thing that made you start the entrepreneurial journey, your business will never
make you happy.



Small dreams, small breakthroughs. Big dreams, big breakthroughs.
Why to walk if you can fly?

You can learn and develop creativity through practice. By sharpening your natural creative thinking skills, you can find inspiration just everywhere because your trained subconscious mind will be playing with the objects it finds interesting. Use self-talk, "I am creative", and you'll be creative >>>

3 Pillars of Inspiration Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Make outside-the-box thinking a habit

You are creative! Just stretch your imagination. Challenge assumptions. Go wild.  Look outside your industry. Make new synergistic connections. Take a difference view. To find a better creative solutions to the current practice, force yourself to reframe the problem, to break down its components and assemble them in a different way. Expect the unexpected.

Practice creativity and stretch your creative muscles every day to make outside the box thinking a habit.  >>>

Creative Dissatisfaction

Play with different ideas

Record or write your ideas down. Review your list of ideas periodically when you are not disturbed.

Having identified a high-potential idea, play Innovation Football simulation game with it to inspire further ideas and achieve beyond your aspirations .

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Creative Achiever

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Managing Creativity in Your Business Environment

Advanced Ideation Techniques

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Creative Chaos Environment

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