T-shaped Head of Growth generalist and specialist  

A Head of Growth is focused on growth and growth alone.

A Head of Growth is a T shaped business executive who is knowledgeable in many fields, but deeply skilled in accelerated business growth.




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Growth Executive

Job Description





We are looking for a Growth Executive to support our growth team as we continue to scale towards our revenue goals. We are experiencing hockey stick growth, and that comes from acquiring the right customers and then delighting them with our solutions. And you'll be focused on helping us turn customers into advocates.

Reporting into the Head of Growth, you'll support the Business Architect and Growth Managers on the execution of their growth marketing campaigns. This will be a varied role with a particular emphasis on data analysis, rapid experimentation, and campaign execution.


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Head of Growth

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Head of Growth

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Responsibilities of the Growth Executive





Demand; support on the improvement of our demand generation campaigns working across paid ads, re-marketing, SEO, content, affiliates and email marketing. You'll help set up campaigns, write copy, build landing pages, monitor paid spend and reports on the results.

Conversion; you'll support our web copy improvements, analyse pricing and set A/B tests to optimise spend, and identify and improve UX friction points.

Retention; you'll help with driving our retention strategies.

Reporting; you'll report on requested data for the growth team and use various tools Zapier, GA, Segment, Appcues and Hotjar.


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Growth Executive Requirements





Marketing experience for a high growth B2B or B2C Tech Startup.

You'll understand growth marketing and want to drive your career in this direction.

Solid user of analytics tools could be Google Analytics, Segment etc.

Advanced soft skills, good verbal and written communication skills with the ability to work with diverse teams.


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Ways to Help Your Business Grow Quickly

Effective Growth and Marketing Hacks for Startups

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T-shaped Head of Growth generalist and specialist  

Head of Growth

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