Integrate into customers' operations

To increase customer value-added, manage customer experience better, and differentiate yourself from your competitors, integrate yourself into your customers operations. The more of your customers' work you undertake, the harder it is to find the line that separates you from them.


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Design and achieve the connected enterprise

Achieving the connected enterprise is an evolutionary process necessary to be competitive. As part of a digital transformation, using a connected enterprise strategy allows a company to harmonize people, processes and technological operations while facilitating a deeper level of collaboration. Use Internet to transform the processes that link you with your customers, suppliers and other alliances and work intimately with them to reduce distinctions from them.


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Connected Enterprise

Extended Enterprise

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Banking as a Service (BaaS)

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Converge core competences and outsourcing

Most leading firms focus on their core competencies and outsource the rest. With virtual integration, flawless coordination of outsourced processes, such as product design or coaching, can be achieved so that operations of different companies are intertwined and cannot exist independently.


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